Days Roll-Up Ramp

Days Roll-Up Ramp


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Days Roll-Up Ramp

Foldable or not, most wheelchair ramps are rather bulky and difficult to take with you wherever you might need assistance. That is why the Days Roll-Up Ramp features a compact design that allows it to be rolled up for transport and easily set back up in a matter of seconds. With its durable, non-slip surface and side rails that act as a bumper guide, this ramp is not only extremely practical, but safe as well.

Features and Benefits of the Roll-Up Ramp
Lightweight and compact design for easy portability
Can easily be rolled up for transport
Covered with non-slip surface for added safety
Equipped with side rails for extra security
Holds a maximum load of 273kg (43 stone)
Available in two lengths, Short and Long
Highly Practical and Easily Portable
The Roll-Up Ramp is designed to be easily portable and convenient to use. Its compact structure allows it to be rolled up for transport and just as easily set up in a matter of seconds.

Specifications of the Roll-Up Ramp 

The Roll-Up Ramp is available in two different lengths, Short and Long. Please see the table below for additional information. 

  Short Long
Minimum Length (cm) 91cm 152cm
Maximum Length (cm) 61cm 152cm
Internal Width (cm) 76.6cm 76.6cm
Maximum Width (cm) 77.4cm 77.4cm
Weight (kg) 7.7kg 12.8kg
Maximum Load (kg) 273kg 273kg