Days Swift Attendant Propelled Wheelchair

Days Swift Attendant Propelled Wheelchair


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Days Swift Attendant Propelled Wheelchair


Days Swift Attendant Propelled Wheelchair
Versatility and ease of use are the deciding factors when it comes to picking out the right wheelchair. Its practical, compact design, lightweight frame and comfortable seat make the Days Swift Attendant Propelled Wheelchair a favourite in the wheelchair community.

Superior Comfort and Ease of Use
It may be designed for occasional use, yet that doesn't prevent the Days Swift Wheelchair from having well-padded and comfortable upholstery, a half-folding back for convenient reaching and puncture-proof tyres that help ensure trouble-free mobility. Compact and easily manoeuvrable, the Swift Wheelchair makes it simple to navigate around shops, restaurants and other tight spaces.

Easy Storage
The Days Swift Wheelchair is designed principally for occasional use, which makes it extremely convenient to fold and store away at any point. It folds easily and can be quickly disassembled without the need for any tools.

Features and Benefits of the Attendant Propelled Wheelchair
Highly versatile and easy to use
Designed for indoor and occasional outdoor use
Padded upholstery for added comfort
Lightweight aluminium frame for easy transport
Easily foldable and dismantled without the use of tools
Robust puncture-proof tyres that ensure secure outdoor use
Spare Leg Rests are available to purchase
Half-folding back for easy storage
Available in three different frame colours
Specifications of the Days Swift Wheelchair
Seat depth: 39.5cm
Seat height (front): 51cm
Seat height (rear): 48.5cm
Backrest height above seat: 40cm
Footrest length: 44 - 54cm
Armrest height above seat: 22cm
External width (closed): 28cm
External depth (without footrests): 83cm
External depth (with footrests): 113cm
Chair weight: 12.5kg
Chair weight (without footrests): 11.2kg
The Attendant Propelled Wheelchair is available in two different seat widths. Please see the table below for more information.

Seat Width External Width when Open (cm)
41cm 58.5cm
46cm 63.5cm
Are Spare Parts Available for the Days Swift Wheelchair?
To ensure the optimum comfort you receive from your chair continues indefinitely, Spare Leg Rests for this wheelchair can be purchased separately. These are available to buy for the left and right sides of the chair.

Please note that these spare parts are only suitable for use with the Days Swift Attendant Propelled Wheelchair.