Days Toileting Seat Aid

Days Toileting Seat Aid


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Days Toileting Seat Aid

For the elderly and infirm, standard toilets can be too difficult to use easily or safely. The Days Toileting Seat Aid is a free-standing frame with a comfortable toilet seat. It improves both the comfort and safety of using the toilet, ideal for those who find traditional toilets difficult to use.

Key Features of the Days Toileting Seat Aid

The key features and benefits of the Days Toileting Seat Aid are:

  • Sturdy design makes using the toilet safer
  • Versatile construction suitable for most toilets
  • Contoured shape for more comfortable use
  • Cutaway sections for improved personal hygiene

Sturdy Support for Toilets

The Toileting Seat Aid has been designed to ease the difficulties of visiting the toilet that some people can face. The frame is free-standing so that it can be positioned accurately over most toilets, offering a sturdy support for assisting with lowering to and rising from the toilet. With side handles, it can also be used to grip onto for increased stability when using the toilet.

The contoured seat improves the comfort of the toilet by offering a more shaped seating. It also features cut-away sections at the back and the front to aid personal hygiene.

Suitable for Public Toilets

As public toilets can be visited by a large number of people, many of whom with individual and unique requirements, it is important that they can cater to as many visitors as possible. By ensuring that toilets are available with supportive frames, visitors to public bathrooms can feel like their needs have been considered while being able to go about their day with reduced difficulty.

Whether required for use privately in a home, or installed to ensure that all visitors can feel considered and welcome, the Days Toileting Seat Aid is ideal for offering support and assistance when it is needed most.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum user weight: 190kg (30 stone)
  • Seat height: 460 to 610mm (18 to 24")
  • Width between arms: 500mm (19.75")
  • Overall height: 680 to 830mm (26.75 to 32.5")
  • Dimensions (WxD): 560 x 480mm (22 x 18.75")