Dementia Home Care Set

Dementia Home Care Set


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Dementia Home Care Set

If your loved one is suffering from dementia, or even if they're just getting a bit confused, small changes can make a world of difference to the quality of their everyday life. The Dementia Home Care Set includes two of our top-selling products for dementia patients, an automatic pill dispenser and an easy-to-read dementia clock, at a discounted price.

What's Included with the Dementia Home Care Set?
When dealing with dementia, even the smallest things can help your loved one stay on top of things and avoid confusion. Keeping track of their medication, and knowing the exact date and day of the week are two basic things that can greatly improve the quality of their everyday, which is why this Dementia Home Care Set includes:

1 x Automatic Pill Dispenser
1 x Dementia Clock
Stay on Top of Your Medication
Remembering to take medication at the correct time can be difficult for everyone, but it is particularly challenging for sufferers of dementia or Alzheimer's. The PivoTell MK3 Automatic Pill Dispenser tells the user via alarm and flashing light when they are due to take their next dose of medication. The dispenser comes with a few brilliant features, including:

Dispensing medication at the correct time of day, while keeping unneeded pills out of sight.
Allowing for up to 28 alarms to be set up, with having the option of programming two or more compartments to alarm at the same time.
Delaying activation so family members can easily fill in advance away from the user.
Enabling easy taking of pills by simply tilting the dispenser, with the alarm shutting off as soon as the device is tilted and pills poured out.
PivoTell MK3 Automatic Pill Dispenser
The Automatic Pill Dispenser is safe and easy to use

Avoid Confusion with a Dementia-Friendly Clock
The Geemarc Viso10 Dementia Clock is an easy-to-read digital clock that features a large, clear display, uses no potentially confusing abbreviations for days and months, and is automatically set by radio, so it needs virtually no maintenance. Your loved one will be thrilled with this clock, as it:

Has the day and date written very clearly
Runs on batteries and can easily be turned off
Features a large display that is easy to see even from a distance
Geemarc Viso10 Dementia Clock
The dementia clock manages to eliminate confusion