Acu-Life Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Kit

Acu-Life Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Kit


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Acu-Life Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Kit

If you often suffer from a blocked nose and sinuses, you've probably tried all sorts of methods and medications to get relief, but you may have missed the most effective method: nasal irrigation. The Acu-Life Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Kit provides an easy and effective nasal irrigation method, allowing you to flush out your sinuses for instantly clear nasal passages, without the mess of neti pots. Supplied with everything you need including ready-to-use saline solution packets, this kit makes unblocking your nose easier than ever!

This Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Kit is available with either 10 or 50 pre-mixed sachets of saline solution. Please select your desired version using the drop-down menu above.

What's Included With My Nasal Rinse Kit?

The Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Kit is supplied complete with everything you need for immediate sinus relief, including:

  • 1 x Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Syringe
  • 1 x Antibacterial tip
  • 50 or 10 x 2.5g saline solution packets (99.99% sodium chloride)

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use nasal irrigation kit
  • Supplied with saline solution sachets for immediate use
  • Ideal for unblocking clogged noses sinuses in seconds
  • Easier alternative to neti pots with less mess
  • Antibacterial tip provides clean and safe application
  • Tip's fluted internal walls create a gentle swirling rinse
  • Syringe system provides full control over water pressure
  • Provides a large volume, low pressure rinse for maximum comfort
  • All-natural way to enjoy instant relief from clogged sinuses

Easier Alternative to Neti Pots

Neti pots have been gaining popularity as a safe and effective way to naturally relieve congestion and sinus pain with nasal rinsing, but they can be messy, and leave the user with little control over water pressure. The Neti Rinse was developed to make it easier for people to enjoy the benefits of nasal irrigation, without the mess and lack of control that neti pots can cause. With the Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Kit, users have full control over their nasal irrigation, and can slow down or stop the rinse whenever needed.

What is Nasal Irrigation?

Nasal irrigation, also known as nasal douching or nasal rinsing, is a safe and effective method of clearing stuffy noses and blocked sinuses using salt water to rinse out the nasal passages. Developed centuries ago in India, this method has been refined over the last decade as it's gained popularity, and the new controlled syringe method has been developed as an easier alternative to the traditional neti pot design. It can be done in seconds in the comfort of your own home, and is now loved by countless sufferers of chronic nasal congestion as an alternative to anti-congestion medication.

Neti rinse nasal irrigation kit for relief from clogged sinuses
This graphic shows how the Neti-Rinse can help rinse out your sinuses for immediate congestion relief

Benefits of Nasal Irrigation

Sinus irrigation can provide relief from the all sorts of sinus related conditions, including simply having a blocked nose at night that makes it difficult to sleep. Nasal douching can be your saviour if you suffer from:

  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Acute bacterial sinus infection
  • Viral upper respiratory infections
  • General nasal congestion
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Irritant-based congestion (such as hay fever)
  • Blocked and stuffy noses
  • Excess mucus when you have a cold
  • Dry nasal passages

How to Clear a Blocked Nose with Neti Rinse

Nasal irrigation is safe when done properly, and as long as you clean your Neti Rinse system and use clean water, you'll avoid the possible negative side effects of nasal irrigation. When using the Neti Rinse to clear your sinuses, always:

  • Used distilled, sterile or cooled, recently boiled water to prevent infection
  • Wash and dry your Neti Rinse Nasal Irrigation Syringe in warm water between uses
  • Use the included saline solution, or a carefully mixed nasal rinse recipe