Disposable Non Woven Sheets - Pack of 50

Disposable Non Woven Sheets - Pack of 50


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Disposable Non Woven Sheets - Pack of 50

  • A super affordable hygiene layer for wipe-clean beds, these Disposable Bed Sheets reduce the risk of cross-contamination and are ideal for use at home or in hospital/care home environments. They can be easily tucked under a mattress for extra security.

  • Extra Layer of Protection

    Disposable Bed Sheets are specifically designed to add an additional layer of protection for beds, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. They fit snugly over a mattress and feel soft and gentle against your skin.

    Breathable Material

    Each disposable bed sheet is made from a breathable material that helps to promote air circulation. This reduces the risk of dampness and skin irritation.

    Easy to Change

    Disposable Bed Sheets are easy to put onto a mattress and can be quickly removed. They are ideal for locations that get through large amounts of bedding as they can be conveniently disposed of after use.


    As they reduce the need for regular laundering, disposable bed sheets are cost-effective and provide the opportunity for long-term savings.