Door And Window Contact Sensor For Home Care Alarm System

Door And Window Contact Sensor For Home Care Alarm System


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Door And Window Contact Sensor For Home Care Alarm System

One of the biggest dangers that comes with patients who are prone to wandering is not knowing they have left the premises. Patients can be crafty; they might not chose the front door as their exit route and it can be hard to keep your eye on all of the potential exits, especially when working within a care home environment. The Door and Window Transmitter Kit,can give you eyes on every door and window, alerting you the moment they are opened.

With the potential to monitor eight separate sites, these Contact Sensors can expand your monitoring capabilities even across a large premises. The sensors are easily attached to a door or window frame and come ready to use straight out of the box.

Features of the Door and Window Contact Sensor
Two-part sensor kit, magnet should be no further than 1cm away from the sensor
Arrives with batteries and ready for use
Supplied with Velcro dots for easy installation
Will alert pager when door or window is opened
LED Light appears red when movement is detected
Low battery alert will be sent for 2 weeks before battery failure
Ideal for doors, windows, fridges, shed doors, fire escapes etc.
100 metre range between transmitter and pager
Up to eight transmitters can be used with a single pager
Please note: The seal on the 9 volt battery must be removed before first use, failure to do so will prevent the monitor from working. The velcro dots supplied for mounting will damage wallpaper and paint when removed.

Can I Use the Door and Window Contact Sensor with My Door?
The Door and Window Contact Sensor features a design that is suitable for most doorways, however for certain doors where there is little room around the frame, it may not be suitable. In these cases, we would recommend using a PIR Motion Detector as an alternative from the same system.

Can I Use This Sensor with My Existing Pager?
Yes, you can pair this sensor to your existing pager. Up to 8 sensors can be paired to each pager.

Dimensions of the Door And Window Contact Sensor For Home Care Alarm System
Size: 137mm x 38mm x 22mm
This listing is for the Contact Sensor pictured only and is not supplied with a corresponding pager