Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp

Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp


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Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp

VAT Relief
Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp
For individuals with reduced mobility, whether using a wheeled mobility aid or simply finding steps difficult to climb, a ramp can make all the difference. However, the distance between one level and the next may not be so sufficient as to warrant the installation of a more sizeable ramp.

The Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp has been designed with these shallower height drops in mind. It is ideal for situating in front of a door to ease the transition from one room to the next, with the ability to affix it in place with the self-adhesive backing, and it can even be trimmed if none of the three available sizes comfortably fit your doorway.

Versatile Use
While a shallow change in height between two rooms may not seem like much of a problem to most people, people with reduced mobility may find this difficult or even impossible if they use a wheelchair or scooter. With the Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp, the low slope provides a flat surface that will improve the accessibility for most individuals.

The ramp is great for home use, but it is also a practical solution for reducing level drops in care homes, public buildings, and anywhere where crossing from one room to the next poses a health risk. It will both improve accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility and decrease the risk of injury to individuals who may trip or fall as a result of not noticing the sudden drop in height.

Trimmable Design
The Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp is available in a choice of three sizes (see below), and it has also been designed for easy trimming for an even better fit. This way, it can achieve a snug fit in the doorway both for easier access and safer use.

Self-Adhesive Backing
The Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp has been designed to secure simply yet effectively into place. It features self-adhesive backing on the underside of the ramp, which can quickly be peeled back to reveal the sticky surface. This can then help to affix the ramp into place, increasing safety by reducing the risk of the ramp straying.

Available Sizes
The Doorline-Neatslope Self-Adhesive Compact Ramp has a maximum capacity of 300kg (47 stone), and a width of 90cm (25.4 inches). The following lengths are available:

Length (cm/inches) Height (cm/inches) Weight (kg/lb)
6cm (2.4 inches) 0.6cm (0.25") 0.3kg (0.7lb)
10cm (3.9 inches) 1cm (0.4") 0.75kg (1.7lb)
15cm (5.9 inches) 1.6cm (0.6") 1kg (2.2lb)
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