Drive Medical Adult Clever Lite Walker

Drive Medical Adult Clever Lite Walker


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Drive Medical Adult Clever Lite Walker


Drive Medical Adult Clever Lite Walker
Versatile walkers can be difficult to find. The Drive Medical Adult Clever Lite Walker has been designed to not only help you remain mobile but also to help make your life easier. The support has a flip up seat, meaning you can rest whenever necessary, as well as a flexible backrest to ensure you remain supported and comfortable.

Key Features and Benefits
Has a flip up seat so you can sit down
Built in carry handle
Soft and flexible backrest for improved comfort and stability
Attractive blue finish
Front wheels can be set in swivel or fixed positions
Special loop lock brake made of internal aluminium casting
Brake operates easily and ensures you remain safe
Sturdy 2.5cm (1") diameter anodised, extruded aluminium construction
Diameter ensures maximum strength while remaining light in weight
Built in carry handle for easy transportation
Easily folds with dual lever side paddle release for storage
Basket can be purchased and used to hold essentials
Secure Method of Transport
The Drive Medical Clever Lite Mobility Aid has been created with a sturdy 2.5cm (1") diameter anodised, extruded aluminium construction. This ensures the walker is extremely strong and safe while also remaining lightweight. Its light design makes it far easier to use than bulkier aids.

Keeps You Safe
Designed with a special loop lock brake, the Drive Medical Adult Walker operates easily and safely. The brace has been made with internal aluminium casting to ensure it's highly sturdy and secure.

This Clever Lite Walker's front wheels can also be set to different positions to provide you with different options according to whether you want to move around or stay still. The wheels can be set in either the swivel position, which ensures manoeuvrability is easy over different floor surfaces, or the fixed position, which helps stabilise the walker and prevent any accidents.

Technical Specifications
Width: 70cm (28")
Depth: 60cm (24")
Height minimum: 75cm (30")
Height maximum: 85cm (34")
Weight: 4kg (10lb)
Seat width: 40cm (16")
Seat depth: 28cm (11")
Seat height minimum: 44cm (17")
Seat height maximum: 54cm (21")
Weight capacity: 135kg (21st)