Drive Medical Clever Lite LS Walker

Drive Medical Clever Lite LS Walker


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Drive Medical Clever Lite LS Walker


Drive Medical Clever Lite LS Walker
Walkers that have a seat included in their design can be difficult to find, particularly if you're looking for one with a backrest so you remain as comfortable as possible throughout use. The Drive Medical Clever Lite LS Walker has a wide flip up seat that allows you to rest whenever necessary. The walker also has a flexible backrest so you remain comfortable and secure while seated.

Important Features and Benefits
Has a wide flip up seat so you can rest when necessary
Soft and flexible backrest for improved comfort
Built in carry handle for easy handling
Sturdy aluminium construction
Handlebar activates rear glide push down brakes
Sturdy 2.5cm (1") diameter anodised and extruded aluminium construction
Provides maximum strength while remaining lightweight
Easily folds with dual lever side paddle release for storage
Fixed front wheels are 13cm (5") in diameter for easy manoeuvrability
Easy to Transport
Designed with a built in carry handle, the Drive Medical LS Walker is easy to transport. This feature ensures the mobility aid can be carried around easily when it isn't required. In addition to this, as the support is light in weight, it won't hurt you or your carer's hands or wrists when the walker needs to be moved.

The Clever Lite Support is also easily folded as it's been created with a dual lever side paddle release. This makes storing or transporting the walker a painless process.

Handlebar-Activating Brakes
This Drive Medical Lite Walker has been created with a handlebar that activates the rear glide push down brakes. All you need to do is apply pressure to the handlebar to stop the walker from moving forwards.

Technical Specification
Width: 69cm (27")
Depth: 55cm (22")
Minimum height: 81cm (32")
Maximum height: 102cm (40")
Seat width: 43cm (17")
Seat depth: 28cm (11")
Minimum seat height: 50cm (20")
Maximum seat height: 60cm (24")
Weight: 4kg (8lb)
Maximum weight capacity: 21st (135kg)