Drive Medical - Folding Comode

Drive Medical - Folding Comode


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Drive Medical - Folding Comode
The extremely lightweight Folding Commode folds easily for storage or transport.

To provide added comfort the Folding Commode comes with soft plastic backrests and armrests. The commode's 5 litre pan, with lid and handle, is mounted on a metal frame beneth the grey plastic seat. The back of the frame forms a backrest when in use and a handle when folded.

Technical Specifications
Width: 53cm (21")
Depth: 51cm (20")
Seat Height: 45cm (18")
Seat (Depth / Width): 40cm (16") / 38cm (15")
Width btw. arms: 43cm (17")
Weight: 5kg (11lb)
Capacity: 120kg (19st)