Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap

Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap


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Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap

The Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap has two ice inserts which provide continuous cold or hot therapy to the shoulder area. This shoulder ice pack wrap is suitable for shoulder injuries including acute and chronic injuries and is also suitable for post operative use.

The Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap provides effective cryotherapy which can reduce pain and swelling, and can also facilitate faster rehabilitation. All Dura Soft Ice Pack Wraps can effectively penetrate surgical dressings to decrease pain, swelling and secondary hypoxic tissue injury.

The Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap does "exactly what it says on the tin". Simply freeze the ice pack inserts, insert them into the ice pack wrap, and wrap around the shoulder securing with the elasticated straps. The ice inserts of the shoulder ice pack wrap are constructed from gel cells that freeze.

The gel is divided into two halves, which allow you to bend the two inserts around the shoulder, to achieve good contact with the shoulder for effective cold therapy. While this ice pack is more rigid than standard gel freezer packs, its design gives it a good measure of flexibility.

Specifications of the Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap

  • Can be used hot or cold
  • One universal adjustable size
  • Complete with two ice inserts
  • Fits both left and right shoulders
  • Additional Dura Soft Ice Pack Inserts are also available. You can purchase an additional 2 ice inserts by selecting the tick box above.

Instructions for use of the Dura Soft Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap

  1. Place gel inserts in the re-seal-able bag and place in the freezer until the gel inserts are frozen solid.
  2. Remove the gel inserts form the re-seal-able bag when frozen and place the inserts into the wrap.
  3. Apply wrap to area of treatment by attaching hook or Velcro fastener to outer wrap fabric. The straps should be applied with enough stretch to keep wrap in place and provide desired compression.
  4. The wrap can be hand washed and air dried, gel inserts can be cleaned with water, a moist towel or sponge.
  5. the gel inserts can also be used to provide heat therapy. Place the gel inserts in a deep pan and run hot tap water into the pan until inserts are covered. Keep the inserts immersed for 3-5 minutes, do not use tap water that is too hot to the touch, dry the gel inserts and apply as above.