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Dycem Jar Opener


Dycem Jar Opener
Simple, everyday tasks such as opening jars can become extremely difficult if you are suffering from arthritis or another condition that weakens the hand. Without the use of the correct equipment, you may find that you are forced to call for help, a loss of independence which can be as frustrating for others as it is for you.

The Dycem Jar Opener is perfect for people with arthritis, weakened grip, decreased hand sensation or upper extremity weakness, allowing them to open any jar with ease. Providing a tight grip for jars of all sizes, the Dycem Jar Opener is dome shaped so that it fits comfortably into the palm of your hand.

Varied Applications
Not just a great jar opener, this product is suitable for an array of tasks, including:

Opening stiff door knobs
Opening medicine bottles or difficult wine bottles
Opening Yale door locks
Undoing light fittings
Plus, the Dycem Jar Opener can be used in tandem with a Dycem Bottle Opener or a Non-Slip Anchorpad to make bottles and jars even easier to open! See the video below for more information.

How to Open Stubborn Jar Lids with the Dycem Non-Slip Jar Opener

Choice of Colours
The Dycem Jar Opener has an attractive, stylish design and is available with either a blue or a silver finish.