Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad Round 140mm
Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad Round 140mm
Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad Round 140mm
Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad Round 140mm

Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad Round 140mm


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Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad Round 140mm

The Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad allows you to anchor your items onto any surface, preventing damage caused by objects slipping. Proven to grip up to a 45° angle, this non-slip mat keeps both you and your items safe, and is suitable for a wide range of applications around the house.

Ideal for the Kitchen

The Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad is antimicrobial and made from non-toxic materials, making it very hygienic and suitable for use in the kitchen. It is also completely latex-free. Please see the video below for a demonstration of how to use the Anchorpad as an anti-slip mat under a chopping board.

About Dycem

Dycem is a non-slip material that has been specially developed to overcome many of the stabilisation and gripping problems encountered by people in hospitals, care homes, clinics, at home and on the go. Dycem products have been widely used by therapists for many years, serving people with special needs and/or visual impairments.

Dycem is also a great aid for those who have had a stroke or who simply need a little extra help. The products are not sticky but grip firmly on both sides to provide support, stability and confidence during everyday activities and exercise.

Uses of the Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad

The Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad has a huge range of applications, including, for example:

  • Placemats for independent eating and dining
  • Under your chopping board to stop it sliding in use
  • Keep things secure on your desk
  • Keep ornaments secure around the house
  • Anti-slip pad for your car dashboard
  • Stand on an Anchorpad while exercising to improve stability

Available Versions of the Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpad

Dycem Anchorpads are supplied in a variety of colours:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Silver

They are also available in various shapes. Please see the table below for details.

Model Weight (g)
Round 140mm (5.5") 74g
Round 190mm (7.5") 140g
Rectangular 250 × 180mm (10 × 7.5") 134g
Rectangular 350 × 250mm (14 × 10") 248g
Rectangular 380 × 450mm (15 × 18") 434g