Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band

Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band


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Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band

Whether you work out at home or exercise down at the gym, it's important that you can find the right accessories to make your workout effective without being too complicated to follow or too cumbersome to carry around with you. The Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band has been designed to meet these needs, providing a choice of four different resistance strengths to aid you in exercise, training, and rehabilitation. The colour-coded bands can be used following injury, as a starting point for beginners new to resistance training, and even for muscle strengthening in more advanced athletes.

Key Features

  • Workout resistance bands available in a choice of four colour-coded strengths
  • Colour coding allows for quick identification at home, in the gym, or at a fitness class
  • Caters for all abilities, from beginners to skilled athletes
  • Ideal for improving warm ups, enhancing endurance, and encouraging muscle repair after injury
  • Suitable for performing a full-body workout while requiring minimal space
  • Compact design is ideal for storing in a gym bag or taking away with you when you travel

Dyna-Band for the Home

Requiring minimal space to perform an effective full-body workout, the Dyna-Band is ideal for improving exercise in the comfort of your own home. It can help with toning, strengthening, and body sculpting, allowing you to work on specific areas of your body as you require. It provides you with the convenience of being able to exercise when you want, where you want, putting your fitness regime completely in your control.

Dyna-Band for the Gym

With a compact size, the Dyna-Band can easily be added to a gym bag or sports kit for taking with you to the gym or to a fitness class. Whether you're using the resistance band to aid in warming up, or are keen to add an extra layer of training during a yoga or Pilates class, the flexible band will help you to push your own flexibility to the next level.

Dyna-Band for Rehabilitation

The Dyna-Band was originally designed for use in hospitals and rehabilitation centres to help strengthen and repair muscles following injury. The lighter Dyna-Band is still a popular choice for conducting effective rehab, allowing for gentle and progressive muscle repair and strengthening at the required pace.

Colour-Coded Resistance Strengths

The Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band is available in a choice of four strength, with each one provided in a different colour for convenience and quick identification. The available strengths are as follows:

  • Light Strength (Pink): Encouraging muscle repair after injury; also suitable for mature exercisers and young athletes
  • Medium Strength (Green): For beginners new to resistance exercise; ideal for warm ups before workouts; practical for agility and flexibility training
  • Heavy Strength (Purple): For individuals used to resistance exercises and looking to progress; suitable for increasing speed and endurance for sports
  • Extra-Heavy Strength (Grey): Designed for strong individuals and advanced athletes; for building and strengthening muscles

Please select your required resistance strength from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Please note that the Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Bands contain latex, and should therefore be avoided by individuals with latex allergies.