Dysphagia Mug Drinking Aid

Dysphagia Mug Drinking Aid


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Dysphagia Mug Drinking Aid

The Dysphagia Mug Drinking Aid has been created to meet the needs of people who have difficulty completing a successful swallow. The design of this cup helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips and directs the liquid to the centre of the mouth. This allows users to maintain their independence and dignity for longer, and at the same time improves levels of nutrition and hydration.

Safer Swallowing Every Time
Frequently, a person who has had a stroke, head injury or neurological disability has difficulty performing a successful swallow. Safe swallowing may be accomplished by maintaining the chin in a tucked down position, however not all glassware facilitates this drinking method.

The Dysphagia Mug is shaped in a way to provide nose clearance when a person drinks from it, meaning that they can empty the contents of the mug without tilting their head or neck, making it perfect for users with restricted head or neck movements.

Use for a Range of Liquids
The Homecraft Caring Mug can be used for a variety of liquids, from water to smoothies, as it ensures that it successfully travels into the oesophagus without tilting or craning of the neck. It comes between a choice of a clear Green or opaque Almond colour, and the extended handle accommodates gripping by the entire handle or just the thumb.

Technical Specifications
Dishwasher safe up to 80°C
Not recommended for the microwave
Capacity: 200ml