Eclipse Alternating Cushion 43x43x10 (cm)
Eclipse Alternating Cushion 43x43x10 (cm)
Eclipse Alternating Cushion 43x43x10 (cm)
Eclipse Alternating Cushion 43x43x10 (cm)

Eclipse Alternating Cushion 43x43x10 (cm)


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Eclipse Alternating Cushion 43x43x10 (cm)

Infection Control

The multi stretch PU cover is waterproof, vapour permeable and impregnated with Acti-fresh biocide to help prevent the build up of bacteria and ensure it can be easily cleaned to aid disinfection protocols

White inner substrate (underside of the cover) helps auditing procedures by making staining easy to identify

High frequency welded seams, fully enclosed zip and integral covered hoses help to reduce the risk of fluid ingress

The entire cushion cell system (excluding foam base) and cover can be completely removed and laundered up to 80°C to aid decontamination protocols

Pump unit can be easily wiped clean to ensure there is no harbouring of pathogens

Pressure Area Care

Alternating pressure mode provides optimum pressure relief and comfort for patients who are considered to be at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers

Can be used in conjunction with Eclipse Mattress Overlay System to provide the same level of pressure area care whilst sat out of bed

Ease of Use

Simple and easy to use pump unit offers an adjustable comfort control from Soft to Firm

Patient readiness indicator will illuminate when the cushion has reach the appropriate pressure

Service and Maintenance

Audible and visual alarms alert the career in dual format if the system encounters a power failure or low pressure problem

Easy access air filters help prolong the life and reliability of the pump unit

Independent cell construction means that all parts i.e. cover, cells, tubing can be replaced to save ongoing maintenance costs

  • Max. Weight Limit: 25 stones / 159 kgs

  • Risk Factor: High Risk

  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Cushion Dimensions: 43cm x 43cm x 10cm

  • Cushion Weight: 2 kgs

  • Power Unit Dimensions: 30cm x 19 cm x11cm

  • Power Unit Weight: 2 kgs


  1. Safety Standards: IEC601/1 BS5724 Part 1
  2. Voltage: AC230v 50Hz
  3. Noise Level: NC30
  4. Power Input: 12w
  5. Fuse: T1A