Economy Slipper Pan

Economy Slipper Pan


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Economy Slipper Pan

The Economy Slipper Pan has been designed to assist bedridden and immobile patients with toileting. It features a practical design that can help users maintain a level of modesty, and is easy to clean for ongoing cleanliness.

Practical Design

The slipper pan is made from plastic, offering a lightweight and practical construction. It is not cumbersome to keep beside a bed, allowing anybody confined to one place to reach it more easily. 

It features low-profile side and end handles, which make the slipper pan both easier and more comfortable to use.

Safer Disposal

The slipper pan has been designed to enable a safer and more practical disposal of waste. It features a lid, which make it easier to carry for emptying and cleaning, reducing the risk of spillage.

This improves both the cleanliness and safety of the slipper pan, benefiting the individual user and any carers or hospital staff attending to wards.

Easy to Clean

The plastic material of the Economy Slipper Pan means that it can be easily cleaned. This is essential for ensuring ongoing hygiene maintenance, reducing the risk of the spread of germs with optimal safety conditions for the user.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 405g
  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Overall dimensions (LxDxW): 390 x 45 x 265mm