Endotracheal Tube Cuffed - Size 4.0 - Pack of 10

Endotracheal Tube Cuffed - Size 4.0 - Pack of 10


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Flexicare Endotracheal Tube Cuffed - Size 4.0  - Pack of 10

The Standard Range of Low Pressure Endotracheal tubes are designed for short-term intubation. The cuff size and shape make the Standard Low Pressure Endotracheal tube ideal for emergency intubation, as the slim-line shape facilitates quick and easy intubation to maintain an open airway.

  • Kink Resistant:
    Ensures tube patency for patient safety, whilst softening at body temperature to conform to the patient’s respiratory tract.
  • High Resolution Radiopaque Line:
    Guarantees easy and accurate identification of tube position and location during x-ray.
  • Pilot Balloon:
    The tube size, batch number and an outline of the cuff type are shown on the pilot balloon to provide easy identification.
  • Depth Guide:
    The double line guide facilitates accurate cuff placement below vocal cord.