Enertor Energy Recovery Compression Socks

Enertor Energy Recovery Compression Socks


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Enertor Energy Recovery Compression Socks

When you're training or competing in sporting events, the speed at which you recover is of high importance to your performance. The Enertor Energy Recovery Compression Socks are engineered to provide graduated compression, which helps improve circulation in the area. The socks also enhance oxygen delivery and decrease lactic acid to help alleviate cramps and recover muscles faster, allowing you to get back into the game faster.

Key Features and Benefits
Enertor brand is endorsed by athletic champion Usain Bolt
Highly effective in the recovery and preparation phases
Ideal for those who are training and competing in sporting events
Provides graduated compression to improve circulation
Enhances oxygen delivery to help you recover quickly
Decreases lactic acid to alleviate cramps and recover muscles
Made with Nillit Innergy yarn to push your body's anaerobic limit
EnergyKnit band flexes and stabilises the socks for added comfort
Features ventilation panels to enhance breathability
Helps transfer moisture away from the body
Enhance Your Energy
Enertor Products are Used and Endorsed by Usain Bolt

Enertor products are used and endorsed by athlete Usain Bolt. If you're looking to excel in your sport of choice, these are an excellent choice for you.

The Enertor Recovery Compression Socks are made with Nillit Innergy yarn, which converts the natural thermo energy of your body into Far Infrared Rays. This helps increase your energy levels and therefore strengthen your performance to help push your body's anaerobic limit.

Aids Ventilation
Designed with ventilation panels on its body, the Energy Recovery Socks are highly breathable. This helps ensure you remain comfortable throughout use, allowing your body to recover quickly.

The socks are also made to transfer moisture away from your body so you stay cool and dry throughout use. This makes them perfect for when you simply want to relax and recover before a competition.

Sizing of the Energy Recovery Socks
The Enertor Energy Recovery Socks are available in four sizes so you're able to get an improved fit. Please consult the table below to find out which size you require.

Size UK Shoe Size
Small UK Size 2.5 - 5
Medium UK Size 5.5 - 8
Large UK Size 8.5 - 12
Extra Large UK Size 12.5 -