Ergonomic Nosey Cup

Ergonomic Nosey Cup


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Ergonomic Nosey Cup

The Ergonomic Nosey Cup provides a steadier grip for users with its contoured shape and slightly textured surface. One side of the rim features a large cut-out in order to allow the nose clearance while drinking, meaning that the cup can be fully titled without moving the head or neck. This is useful for individuals who have experienced a stroke or head injury, who are particularly in danger of dysphagia.

What is Dysphagia?
Dysphagia is a swallowing condition that can occur from disability or a head injury, but is more commonly seen in stroke victims. Since strokes can reduce sensation in the body, patients may not notice food or liquid accidentally entering the lungs (referred to as silent aspiration), and puts them at risk of developing pneumonia.

Facilitates Safe Swallowing
The Ergonomic Nosey Cup is shaped in a way to avoid contact with the nose when the cup is tilted, allowing individuals to drink the whole contents of the cup without tipping their head back or craning their neck.

This is handy for people who have difficulty in completing a safe swallow, as the design of the cup helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips and directs the liquid to the centre of the mouth.

Monitor Liquid Consumption
This cup is the perfect aid for anyone with a sensitive neck or difficulty swallowing liquids safely, as it allows them to drink without help from others and regains their independence. The Nosey Cup is also handy for carers, as the translucent plastic allows them to easily monitor a patient's liquid intake.

Technical Specifications
Dishwasher safe up to 80°C