Extra Firm Gel Ball Hand Exerciser Black

Extra Firm Gel Ball Hand Exerciser Black


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Extra Firm Gel Ball Hand Exerciser Black

For those recovering from injury or looking to boost their hand strength, hand exercisers are a great way to gain dexterity, strength and movement. The Extra Firm Gel Ball Hand Exerciser Black is pleasant to touch and returns back to its original shape after each squeeze. This extra firm ball is perfect for use in the clinic or at home, for exercise and rehabilitation programs.

High Resistance

For those recovering from hand injuries, looking to strengthen their grip or increase their dexterity, a hand exerciser is exactly the product to help. This one in particular, made from a gel, provides the highest level of resistance out of all the balls in this range. This resistance makes it suited towards those either in the latter stages of their rehabilitation, or those with very high levels of strength looking to gain confidence in their grip.

The five different colour-coded resistances provided by the hand exercisers in this range make it a perfect aid for step-by-step rehab or strength building, allowing you to move at your own pace, set your own goals and then enjoy the results.

Available Resistances

The Gel Ball Hand Exercisers are colour coded to provide variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms:

Key Features

  • Effective hand exercise for rehabilitation or strength building
  • Provides a pleasant feel in the hand
  • Gel returns back to original shape after each squeeze
  • Extra firm for high resistance exercise
  • Part of larger set of colour-coded hand exercise balls