Ferno Duo-Fold Emergency Stretcher

Ferno Duo-Fold Emergency Stretcher


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Ferno Duo-Fold Emergency Stretcher

Stretchers are a highly useful piece of equipment. Coming in all shapes and sizes, they allow those with restricted mobility to be safely evacuated from an accident or an emergency. They are particularly useful when an injury has occurred and the patient cannot move themselves. But they have their issues. Some are too heavy for a rescuer to be able to transport both the stretcher and the patient while others are too bulky to be able to store safely when it is not required.

Luckily, the Ferno Duo-Fold Emergency Stretcher is neither of these things. Lightweight and easy to carry, the stretcher then can be folded into quarters without damaging the integrity of the stretcher for easy storage.

Features of the Ferno Duo-Fold Emergency Stretcher

  • Compact stretcher folds both ways for ease of transport and storage
  • Lightweight aluminium poles ensuring a lightweight and rigid build
  • Non-slip plastic handles allow for sturdy grip
  • Spreader bars provide additional structure to the stretcher
  • Stirrup-styled feet stop the patient from being rested on the ground
  • Vinyl fabric for easy maintenance
  • Impervious to stains and mildew

Technical Details

The Duo-Fold Emergency Stretcher has the following measurements:

  Ferno Duo-Fold Emergency Stretcher
Length (open/folded)

2060mm / 1030mm

Width (open/folded) 300mm / 250mm
Height 150mm
Weight 6kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 159kg (25st/350lbs)