Find Dining 10-Inch Dining Plate

Find Dining 10-Inch Dining Plate


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Find Dining 10-Inch Dining Plate



Find Dining 10-Inch Dining Plate
When caring for elderly individuals or individuals with dementia, it can be incredibly difficult for them to eat food. Conventional crockery can be far too difficult to them to use, which causes them to not eat, reducing their nutritional intake and leaving them hungry.

The Find Dining 10-Inch Dining Plate has been designed for any and all care environments where residents may have issues with vision, cognition and dexterity. This plate has a range of features designed to make it easier for individuals to comfortably eat their food.

Makes Food Manipulation Easier
The dining plate helps to improve food manipulation. This enables those under your care to better control their food and more easily lift it onto a spoon or fork, making the eating experience much easier for them and increasing the chance of them finishing their meals.

Improves Food Visibility
As well as making food easier to control, the plate also makes food easier to see and identify. This further increases the chance of those under your care eating their food ? if it's easier to see it's easier to pick up and eat, helping them identify food and clear their plate.

Reduces Heat Transfer
The material of the plate works to reduce heat transfer. This helps to keep food warmer for longer ? ideal if residents take longer to finish their meals and need some extra time to ensure they are fed.

Comfortable, Durable Design
As well as resisting heat transfer, the plate's design also makes it incredibly durable. Even though it looks and feels like ceramic, it's lighter, making it easier to carry and for residents to manipulate to best pick up their food and it's also fully dishwasher-safe for maximum convenience.

The plate's broad rim helps to provide a better grip, and the broad base makes the plate more stable compared to conventional ones.

Improve Dignity
The similar look of the plate to a standard plate helps you to make meal times more dignified, enabling your residents to eat in peace and helping them feel more at home.

Reduces Waste and Increases Nutrition
The shape of the plate help portion control so that everyone gets the food they need. Additionally, by helping those under your care to eat more of their food, you help to eliminate waste and keep your care home running efficiently. More importantly, you help to increase the nutritional intake of your residents, giving them more strength and vitality to go about their day.

Available in Three Colours
To enable you to get the best results for those under your care, the plates are available in three different colours: Blue, Yellow or Ivory. This give you the opportunity to find the best solution for your residents' needs.