Find Dining Unbreakable Wine Glasses (Pack of 6)

Find Dining Unbreakable Wine Glasses (Pack of 6)


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Find Dining Unbreakable Wine Glasses (Pack of 6)

Everyone knows that glass can break easily, but in certain environments (like parties or care facilities), accidents are bound to happen. The Find Dining Unbreakable Wine Glasses (Pack of 6) are a fantastic solution to this issue, providing party-goers, the elderly or just plain clumsy people with an elegant drinking solution that won't put them or others around them at risk.

Key Features
Super-durable wine glasses that won't break when dropped
Made of a strong clear plastic that looks just like real glass
Ideal for parties and special occasions where drops are probable
Perfect for care homes where residents may be prone to drops
Weight: 93g each
Unbreakable Material
The "unbreakable" glass is actually a virtually indestructible clear plastic. It can only be deformed in extreme circumstances, helping to eliminate the risk of injury through breakages.

This unbreakable material is fantastic during parties or in care homes where there is a high risk of glasses being dropped or knocked onto the floor. This enables you to provide those under your care with a drinking solution that is both safer than traditional glasses and helps residents maintain their dignity.

Ideal for Special Occasions
The unbreakable wine glasses are ideal for special occasions such as birthdays or holidays, enabling the user to fully take part in festivities and celebrations. It allows people to enjoy the party to the fullest ? without worrying about the risks real wine glasses can present to them.

Dignified Drinking
Most drinking vessels designed for parties or the elderly often look child-like and can rob the user of their enjoyment or dignity. The unbreakable wine glasses help to eliminate this issue, enabling you to provide those at risk of drops with a drinking vessel they want to drink from, rather than one they have to drink from.