Find Signage Dementia Dining Room Sign

Find Signage Dementia Dining Room Sign


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Find Signage Dementia Dining Room Sign

It can be hard for individuals with dementia to read standard signage. In unfamiliar environments like care homes and hospitals this can cause significant stress and anxiety, so it's vital you do everything you can to help those under your care find their way throughout your facility.

The Find Signage Dementia Dining Room Sign has been designed specifically to aid those with dementia to find the dining room in your facility, helping to reduce your residents' levels of stress and anxiety.

Designed for Dementia
The sign specifically helps the cognitive-impaired find the dining room by targeting the key cognitive factors that usually influence those with dementia. By providing multi-sensory recognition to residents ? touch, pictorial and colour ? it gives them a clear idea of what the sign is for.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Getting lost in an unfamiliar environment can cause significant stress and anxiety in those with dementia, which can make what is meant to feel like their new home instead feel like a labyrinth with no exit. This clear and easy to locate sign helps you provide residents with a clear indication as to what the room is, reducing the anxiety a new environment can cause.

Available for Different Environments
To give as many individuals as possible receive the benefits of Find Signage, it's available in different options to meet the needs of different care environments. The available options are:

Standard signs are designed for care home use and feature a durable construction for demanding environments, as well as a hidden integrated wall fitting to reduce risk of vandalism. Hygenus signs, made from materials which meet infection control standards, are great for use in hospitals.

Self-adhesive signs are great for low-traffic areas and are also suitable for use in an individual's own home where permanent signage may be needed (however, if removed these signs can cause damage to decor). Please note that self-adhesive signs are only available in size Small.

For a full breakdown of the differences and suitability of each option, please consult the Specifications tab above.

Different Colours Available
The signs are available with four different background colours to choose from:

It can be difficult to ascertain which colour is most effective for your residents, so the multiple colour options help you choose what you feel is best for them.

Sizes of the Find Signage Dementia Dining Room Sign
The Find Signage Dementia Dining Room Sign is available in two sizes:

Width: 300mm
Width: 480mm