Fitness-Mad Resistance Band

Fitness-Mad Resistance Band


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Fitness-Mad Resistance Band

While most people are familiar with weightlifting, resistance training includes so many other activities, such as working out with a resistance band. The Fitness-Mad Resistance Band is available in three different strengths, from Light to Strong, so you can easily find the right level for you, regardless of what shape you're currently in, and experience all the benefits of resistance training.

Key Features of the Fitness-Mad Resistance Band

  • Available in three strengths so you can find your ideal fit
  • Suitable for beginners to professional athletes
  • Perfect for pilates and similar toning exercises
  • Supplied in individual zip-lock bags
  • Dimensions (LxW): 150 x 15cm

Benefits of Using the Resistance Band

Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands, are extremely versatile and can be used to spice up virtually any workout. They can add resistance to bodyweight or weighted workouts, plus they are perfect for pilates or similar toning exercises.

Available in Three Strengths

The Fitness-Mad Resistance Band is available in three strengths, so you can easily find the one that suits your needs best. Different strengths are suitable for different applications:

  • Light: The lightest band is ideal for those new to resistance training, or for use in therapy and when recovering from injury.
  • Medium: Suitable for those familiar with resistance training or those who are reasonably fit.
  • Strong: The strongest band is perfect for anyone looking to add that extra challenge to their workout.

Caring for Your Resistance Band

Resistance bands are made of latex, an organic natural substance that will break down and deteriorate over time. It should therefore be protected from extreme temperatures, chemicals, perfumes, sweat and moisture, which may speed up deterioration.

Storing these products properly will help prolong the life of the product. Resistance bands should be laid flat and dusted with talcum powder from time to time. This prevents the rubber from sticking together when warm and will aid the process of tying and untying the bands.

Please note that these products contain latex. Do not use if you are allergic.