Flame Retardant Pillow Cases (BS 7175-Crib 7) Pack of 2

Flame Retardant Pillow Cases (BS 7175-Crib 7) Pack of 2


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Flame Retardant Pillow Cases (BS 7175-Crib 7) Pack of 2

Flame Retardant BS7175 (Crib 7) Pillow Cases - Wide Choice

Our flame retardant duvet covers cases are available in a range of 9 different colours. White and cream are always our most popular colours but you can choose a colour to match your existing bedding.

Our retail customers can buy these duvet covers in single units, but our wholesale customers can choose the larger 5-packs for bulk supplies.

What Are They Made From?

These flame retardant duvet covers are manufactured from polyester, an inherently flame retardant material. They are created by weaving 76 ends of Trevira and 68 picks of Polyester (this is the warp and weft).

Since modern flame retardant polyester is not affected by repeated washing, the flame retardancy of these duvet covers is easily maintained.  This loomstate fabric is dyed to shade, at which point it is cut to size and sewn into these duvet covers.

Tested to British Standard BS-7175

The fabric for the duvet covers has been tested by an independent test house and has been accredited with British Standard 7175-Crib 7 Source 7 "the ignitability of bedcovers and pillows by smouldering ignition sources".

Modern Polyester - Soft & Comfortable

Finishing agents now used in production of polyester duvet covers are such that the feel of them is similar to a polycotton blend.

Therefore, the historical negative perception of polyester being a harsh fabric has been overcome through these improved dyeing and finishing processes, meaning these flame retardant duvet covers are soft and comfortable for a good night's sleep.