Fleece Revolving Seat Cushion

Fleece Revolving Seat Cushion


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Fleece Revolving Seat Cushion

Cars are a great way to get around, and are the key to freedom for many people. The Fleece Revolving Seat Cushion has been designed to facilitate easy turning and positioning inside cars for users with reduced mobility, making getting in and out of vehicles easy. The foam cushion is also covered in a fleece cover, so that pressure-sensitive users are able to sit comfortably.

Hassle-Free Positioning
Ideal for helping low-mobility users to get in or out of a vehicle, the Fleece Cushion is mounted on a ball bearing turntable with a 360¡ rotation to allow hassle-free positioning.

The revolving nature of the cushion also reduces the effort needed when readjusting seating position, and is suitable to use on other seats without arms.

Comfortable Padding
The Seat Cushion is made from a soft, padded foam for ultimate comfort, and is protected by a fleece cover to provide an even softer, comfier feel. This also makes it ideal for pain-sensitive users, or long car journeys, to avoid discomfort for as long as possible.

Technical Specifications
Fleece cover washable at 40¡C
Diameter: 39cm (16")
Maximum user weight: 158kg (25st)