Gamgee Gauze Tissue Roll, Hospital Version

Gamgee Gauze Tissue Roll, Hospital Version


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Gamgee Gauze Tissue Roll, Hospital Version

The Gamgee Gauze Tissue, Hospital Version improves upon the original version of Gauze and Cotton Tissue, invented in 1880 by Dr Joseph Sampson Gamgee.

The Gamgee Gauze Tissue consists of a thick layer of quality highly absorbent cotton wool enclosed in an absorbent cotton gauze cover. The Hospital version is a lower quality, cost-conscious version for less critical applications.

About Gamgee
The original Gauze and Cotton Tissue was invented in 1880 by Dr Joseph Sampson Gamgee, a pioneer in aseptic surgery. Today, Gamgee is still the leading choice combining the original's unique benefits with modern, high quality manufacturing.

Features and Benefits
Superior quality highly absorbent secondary wound dressing
Unique cushioning for the relief of pressure points in wounds
Provides additional warmth and protection for improved comfort
Practical Uses
Ideal for highly exuding wounds - leg ulcers, cavity wounds, lacerations etc.
Excellent secondary dressing for burns
Suitable for undercast padding and many uses where comfortable padding is required
Particularly useful for use with the elderly to prevent pressure sores
This Gamgee Gauze Tissue is the Hospital version and is also available as a pack of 24.

The Gamgee Gauze Tissue is also available as BP Quality or Drug Tariff versions. Each roll is 500 grams in weight and 450mm wide.

Sterile packs are also available in pre-cut sizes and are individually wrapped in 450 x 450, 450 x 900 and 450 x 1300mm packs.