Grip Cup Plus Drinking Aid

Grip Cup Plus Drinking Aid


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Grip Cup Plus Drinking Aid

The Grip Cup Plus Drinking Aid has a non-slip outer surface that provides a steady and comfortable grip for users, even when hands are wet. The colourful pattern outside of the mug also helps to quickly identify how much liquid is in the cup, which is particularly useful for carers monitoring their patient's liquid intake.

Enables Independent Drinking
This cup is the perfect aid for anyone who suffers from a weak grip, as the textured sides of the cup ensure that a firm and comfortable grasp is held at all times. This gives users an element of freedom, as they are able to drink independently without any extra assistance.

Monitoring Liquid Consumption
The Grip Cup Plus is not only beneficial for the individuals using it, but also for the carers looking after them.

The handy pattern on the cup helps to indicate at a glance as to how much liquid is in the cup, so that consumption is easily monitored. The desired capacity is reached when the liquid level reaches the middle of the corresponding circle.

Compatible Lids Available
The Grip Cup Plus Drinking Aid is also compatible to use with the Interchangeable Cup Lids, so that users can choose a lid with a spout size most suited to their needs.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 42g
Capacity: 250ml
Dimensions (HxD): 100 x 71mm