Hadewe Podiatry Tool Tray

Hadewe Podiatry Tool Tray


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Hadewe Podiatry Tool Tray


Hadewe Podiatry Tool Tray
When you perform home visits as part of your role, it's integral to keep all your instruments and tools in one place as it can be dangerous to leave them lying around. The Hadewe Podiatry Tool Tray keeps all your tools within reach in one place.

Key Features
Made from plastic that's hard to break
Resistant against disinfecting liquid
Allows you to keep all your tools and instruments within reach
Can hang the tray on the Hadewe Foot Rest
When on the Foot Rest, tray can be turned 360° in all directions
Pair With the Foot Rest
The Podiatry Tool Tray can be hung on the Hadewe Foot Rest and turned 360° in all directions, depending on where you are in relation to the foot rest.

Hard, Resistant Plastic
Hadewe's Podiatry Tool Tray consists of plastic that's hard to break and is resistant against disinfection liquid so the tray doesn't stain easily.

Technical Specifications
The Hadewe Podiatry Tool Tray has the following specifications:

Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 75 x 360mm
Weight: 400g
Disclaimer: Although the photo shows the Hadewe Spectra Podiatry Magnifying Lamp being used with the Hadewe Foot Rest, it should be noted that the rest is not supplied with your purchase.