Harley Designer Spine Support

Harley Designer Spine Support


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Harley Designer Spine Support

The Harley Designer Spine Support is moulded from visco elastic memory foam, which was first developed by NASA for space missions. The Designer Pillow memory foam takes the heat and weight from the user and shapes itself to the body's requirements. It returns to its original shape when the heat and weight are removed.

This spine support is perfect on an upright type seat, relieving pressure as well as providing superb comfort as it adjusts to the natural curve of the spine.

Features and Benefits
Harley Pillows and Supports are moulded, which gives them a more precise and ergonomic shape ensuring the perfect positioning. Harley Pillows have a beautifully smooth surface and provide optimum comfort with a long product lifespan.

Liquid foam is literally poured into an ergonomically shaped and prepared mould and allowed to cure giving precise contours and gentle support.

Length : 38 cm
Width : 41 cm
Depth : Variable to ensure perfect support.