Harvest 100mm Raised Toilet Seat

Harvest 100mm Raised Toilet Seat


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Harvest 100mm Raised Toilet Seat



Harvest 100mm Raised Toilet Seat
For those with limited levels of mobility, the use of a raised toilet seat may be necessary to facilitate the toileting process. The Harvest 100mm Raised Toilet Seat is designed to assist those with limited mobility, reducing the risk of injury and making entry and exit from the seat as easy and safe as possible.

Safe and Secure
This seat makes the toileting process as safe as possible by reducing the amount of bending the user needs to do to enter the seat. This reduced bending results in a lessening of the risk of over-balancing, preventing potential falls and injury. To ensure a secure fit to the toilet pan, the seat has easy-fit brackets with rubber over-moulding, meaning that it will be a perfect fit every time.

Excellent Hygiene
Toilet seats must be manufactured to be as hygienic as possible, and so this seat has been designed with a variety of easy-clean features. The one piece moulding of the seat makes for ease of cleaning, with no sharp ridges to catch debris. Anti-bacterial protection is built in to the seat, making it safe for use in both home and medical environments.

Key Features
Assists those with limited mobility
Makes toileting as simple and safe as possible
Reduces the need for bending by the patient
Lessens the risk of over-balancing
Features easy-fit brackets with rubber moulding
Provides a secure fit onto almost all toilet pans
One piece moulding for ease of cleaning
Built-in anti-bacterial protection
Dimensions: 375 x 390 x 100mm