Harvest Adjustable Toilet Frame with Raised Toilet Seat

Harvest Adjustable Toilet Frame with Raised Toilet Seat


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Harvest Adjustable Toilet Frame with Raised Toilet Seat

For many users with low levels of mobility or stability, specially designed toileting accessories must be used in order to ensure their safety in the bathroom. The Harvest Adjustable Toilet Frame with Raised Toilet Seat is designed to support these patients while they use the toilet, with features like side handles and rear cut outs to provide both comfort and hygiene.

Adjustable and Safe

This toilet seat and frame was made with patient safety as the top priority, combining practicality with both safety and comfort. The height is adjustable from 640mm to 830mm, providing a safe sitting height for the vast majority of users. The seat is fully removable, allowing for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene. Side handles are fitted to both sides, which allows the user to safely lower and raise themselves out of the seat.

Clean and Hygienic

To ensure this seat is as hygienic and easy to clean as possible, front and rear cut-outs are included, which are shaped for personal cleaning as well as maximum comfort. All materials and surfaces are easy-wipe, allowing carers and users to maintain a clean and safe environment which is crucial to providing quality care.

Key Features

  • Practical and safe toilet for low mobility users
  • Designed for safety and hygiene
  • Side handles for support as well as safe entry and exit
  • Adjustable height (640 - 830mm) to provide a safe sitting level
  • Front and rear cut outs for easy personal cleaning
  • Seat simply clicks into the frame for maximum ease of use
  • Removable seat makes cleaning and hygiene maintenance