Harvest Stackable Adjustable Commode Chair

Harvest Stackable Adjustable Commode Chair


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Harvest Stackable Adjustable Commode Chair



Harvest Stackable Adjustable Commode Chair
For users who are immobile or incontinent, the use of a commode chair can make the toileting process much more simple and hygienic. The Harvest Stackable Adjustable Commode Chair is designed to assist users, providing an easy to use and discreet toileting alternative.

Sturdy and Hygienic
When it comes to commode chairs, hygiene and safety are the primary concerns. This chair was made with heat-sealed upholstered seams, preventing any water ingress and prolonging its life. Built with a sturdy frame, this commode provides support to the user when lowering on to the commode or standing up.

Versatile and Easy to Store
A removable 5 litre bed pan with seat makes for comfortable, easy usage, while the padded seat and back provide long-term comfort for the user. Adjustable height and stackability ensure that this commode chair is both versatile and easy to store, making it an asset to any medical environment. Finally, four non-slip, non-marking feet bolster safety while maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding area.

Key Features
Assists users as a discreet toileting alternative
Converts easily from commode to regular chair
Heat-sealed upholstered seams prevent water ingress
Removable 5 litre bed pan
Padded seat and back for prolonged comfort
Stackable and easy to store
Non-slip, non-marking feet
Sturdy frame to support the user
Height: 80cm (from floor to the top of the back rest)
Width: 51cm between arms