HEINE mini3000 Pocket Dermatoscope

HEINE mini3000 Pocket Dermatoscope


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HEINE mini3000 Pocket Dermatoscope

  • mini3000 pocket dermatoscope
  • Contact plate
  • mini3000 battery handle plus batteries
  • 10ml dermatoscopy oil

mini3000 | Pocket Dermatoscope

  • Modern and pocket-sized award-winning design - maximum quality, minimum dimensions.
  • Xenon halogen bulbs for concentrated bright light and uniform illumination.
  • 20,000 on/off switch cycles guaranteed.
  • Achromatic lenses which provide distortion-free sharp images of the whole area under examination.
  • A choice of different compatible contact plates to choose from.
  • The 2 piece handle and head makes it easy to maintain.
  • 10x magnification with focusing optics.

mini3000 | AA Battery Powered Handle

  • Compact, stylish, ergonomically designed shape.
  • Shock-proof, non-slip, robust.
  • High quality engineered design in chrome finish.
  • Screw on end cap for easy battery change.
  • Pen style pocket clip with automatic power off when placed in pocket.
  • Guaranteed 20,000 on/off cycles.
  • Threaded metal connector for long life.
  • Compatible with the full range of mini3000 instruments.
  • Takes two standard AA size alkaline batteries (included).
  • Free laser engraving to the handle end.


All metal screw on connector.


20,000 power cycles guaranteed.
Free Laser Engraving