Hemocue Hb 201+ Analyser [Pack of 1]

Hemocue Hb 201+ Analyser [Pack of 1]


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Hemocue Hb 201+ Analyser [Pack of 1]

The HemoCue¨ Hb 201+ system is a point of care handheld device that offers laboratory accurate results which is standard with all HemoCue analysers. The HemoCue¨ Hb 201+ system enables the user to determine their patientsÕ haemoglobin levels in whole blood with just a pin prick.

Currently your colleagues have applied the HemoCue¨ Hb 201+ as a valuable tool in a wide range of healthcare settings from primary care to hospitals, clinics and ambulances.

The HemoCue¨ Hb 201+ systemÕs unmatched ease of use and lab accuracy is due to its unique and patented cuvette technology. This device serves healthcare professionals during regular consultations all the way to operating theatres, in the most critical of moments.

How are your colleagues using the HemoCue¨ Hb 201+?

To determine blood loss.
To help assess if a patient is anaemic.
In summary:

Obtain your patients haemoglobin results in under 60 seconds.
Lab accurate.
Sample from venous, arterial or capillary blood.
Holds up to 600 results.
Ease of use with only 3 simple steps.
Connectable to a printer or computer.
Built in self-test.
Power: AC Adapter / batteries.