Homecraft Adult Dining Bib

Homecraft Adult Dining Bib


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Homecraft Adult Dining Bib

The Homecraft Adult Dining Bib is a full-length highly economical bib that offers all-over protection as the user sits down to eat. Covering the whole front of the torso, the bib has a hard-wearing polyester outer layer to catch spills, and a soft, waterproof backing to prevent seepage and protect clothes from stains. Quick and easy to fasten or remove, it is suitable for the majority of care environments.

Preventing Longer Clean Up
For individuals who are susceptible to food spilling due to weak grip, hand tremors, abnormal muscle contractions or other similar medical conditions, struggling to eat neatly at the dinner table can be a struggle. This can cause some frustration, as clothes can become stained and carers will need to endure longer clean up.

Wipe-Clean Bib
The long-length Adult Dining Bib keeps clothes clean, and with its easy-to-fit hook-and-loop fastening at the neck, it is easy to take on and off. The soft waterproof backing prevents seepage whilst the hard-wearing polyester outer layer catches spills.

Any spills can be wiped away from the bib with ease, making sure clothes are kept nice and clean. This also makes it useful for individuals who like to paint or carry out other messy hobbies.

Full Torso Coverage
The long length of the Homecraft Adult Dining Bib ensures that the entire front of the torso is covered in order to allow excellent protection against spills and leaves no nasty surprises. As well as being easily wiped clean, the bib can also be washed and ironed on a low heat.

Technical Specifications
Measurements (LxW): 89 x 46cm (35" x 18")

Colours may vary according to availability.