Homecraft Chrome Grab Rail

Homecraft Chrome Grab Rail


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Homecraft Chrome Grab Rail

Grab bars and rails can be highly beneficial for those with reduced mobility, helping them to undertake daily tasks and move about the home in safety and comfort. Made with chrome-plated steel, the Homecraft Chrome Grab Rail is highly durable and practical, and is suitable for a variety of purposes in the home.

Reliable Grip
The Chrome Grab Rail features a patterned, indented grip that provides a reliable handhold and helps to prevent slipping. At 1" in diameter, the tubing is ergonomically sized, and the rail stands off from the wall by 1.5" to ensure that hand access is always easy.

Great Versatility
With chrome plating that provides both aesthetic enhancement and improved durability, the Chrome Grab Rail will fit perfectly into a number of locations around the home. For example, it can be used in the bathroom, on the stairs, or as a home entry/exit rail.

Available Sizes of the Chrome Grab Rail
The Homecraft Chrome Grab Rail is available in five different lengths to suit a variety of locations and applications in your home. Please select the size you require from the drop-down menu above.

Length (mm/in)
305mm (12")
406mm (16")
450mm (18")
610mm (24")
812mm (32")
Specifications of the Chrome Grab Rail
Diameter: 25mm (1")