Homecraft Clear Drinking Cups with Holder

Homecraft Clear Drinking Cups with Holder


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Homecraft Clear Drinking Cups with Holder

The Homecraft Clear Drinking Cups with Holder are a set of drinking aids designed to increase independence and maintain dignity of users with limited range of motion. Each of the Drinking Cups slot into the holder firmly, providing the user with two easy-to-grip handles to keep them steady, and the wide rim base reduces the chance of it being knocked over.

Each set comes with two plastic drinking cups with different sized spouts, and a two-handled holder.

Encourages Independence
People who have difficulty with grip or muscle control can have a hard time drinking from normal cups or glasses without spilling the contents of their beaker. The Homecraft Clean Drinking Cups with Holder are designed to provide control for users with physical impairments so that they are able to possess an element of freedom and independence in their daily routines.

Features of the Drinking Cups and Holder
Ideal for users with restricted muscle movement or control
Comes with two cups with different spout sizes
The 4ml spout is suitable for water, tea, juice and coffee
Larger 8ml spout is ideal for thicker consistencies such as soup
Holder can be held firmly with both hands
Reduces the risk of spills or leaks
All item are dishwasher safe
What Is Included In the Set?
This handy drinking aid comes with two plastic cups, one with a 4mm spout and another with an 8mm spout. This is so that they can cater to a range of liquids being consumed by users, from water to smoothies. It also comes with a beaker holder made from toughened ABS plastic, with a large handle to aid grip and control.

Technical Specification
Capacity: 250ml