Homecraft Conventional Steps

Homecraft Conventional Steps


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Homecraft Conventional Steps

Used in physiotherapy treatment by athletes, runners and other individuals recovering from injuries, the Homecraft Conventional Steps are a great tool for increasing flexibility and improving lower body strength. These high quality Conventional Steps feature three steps on one side and four on the other, and a hand rail throughout to offer the patient support.

Importance of Training Steps

Training stairs are a piece of clinical furniture often used in physiotherapy to provide anaerobic conditioning while strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles. They offer plyometric motion, working on the same muscle groups as squats and lunges, giving the patient a more effective workout as they climb to the top during rehabilitation treatment.

Key Tool In Physiotherapy

Since one of the most difficult movements for those learning to walk again in physical therapy is sloped movement, training stairs are key during rehabilitation protocol. Climbing steps encourages the body to work against gravity, utilising muscle stabilisers that often get neglected during other forms of exercise.

Functionally Designed

On the side with three steps, the Conventional Steps are 20cm deep, and on the side with four, 15cm deep. The handrails are independently height adjustable from 40 to 90cm, and the steps are available with either a carpet tread or with a non-slip design that is easy to wipe clean. Its maximum weight capacity is up to 140kg (22st).

Footprint Size

This product has a footprint of 193 x 65cm. Please measure the intended area to ensure your space is large enough to accommodate the steps before purchase.

Additional Information

The maximum user weight refers to the steps only; the handrails are not fully weight bearing and are for support only. This item is also made to order, and so is not refundable.