Homecraft Everyday Adult Bib

Homecraft Everyday Adult Bib


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Homecraft Everyday Adult Bib

Smart and practical, the Homecraft Everyday Adult Bib is suitable for use in care environments. The colourfast polycotton outer layer is hard-wearing but absorbent, ensuring that any spills are immersed into the fabric right away. The soft, flexible waterproof backing protects clothes to ensure they are not stained.

Protective and Absorbent Layer
Some users can struggle with eating neatly as a result of injury, disability, hand tremors, or other medical conditions. This can make mealtimes a messy affair, as individuals can end up with stained clothes and leave their carers with a lot of clean up.

The Everyday Bib eliminates these frustrations by providing a protective, absorbent layer as the user eats. The bib is also fitted with handy press-on studs so that a pocket can be formed to catch excess food while eating if the user is prone to dropping food.

Quick and Easy Fastening
The bib can be fastened either with hook and loop patches for quick, easy donning, or with metal poppers for extra security. There are two alternative fastening positions for the poppers depending on the preference of the individual.

The Homecraft Everyday Adult Bib is fully machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperatures.

Sizing of the Homecraft Everyday Bib
The bib is available in two different colours, Red and Blue, and comes in three different sizes depending on requirements. Please see the sizing table below for more information.

Size Length (cm/inches) Width (cm/inches)
Small 58cm / 23" 38cm / 15"
Medium 68cm / 27" 46cm / 18"
Large 89cm / 35" 46cm / 18"