Homecraft Everyday Corner Shower Mat

Homecraft Everyday Corner Shower Mat


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Homecraft Everyday Corner Shower Mat


Homecraft Everyday Corner Shower Mat
Slipping and falling in the shower can be embarrassing, especially if you injure yourself and can't get back up without help. The Everyday Corner Shower Mat fits in most corner showers and reduces the risk of slipping. With its large, numerous suckers, the Shower Mat remains securely in place while you shower.

Key Features and Benefits
Unique design fits corner of showers
Reduces the risk of slipping
Has a 'basket weave' pattern
Pattern prevents slips and falls
Mat is held in place with numerous large suckers
Suckers prevent edges of mat from lifting up
Made from high-quality natural rubber
Sturdy material yet comfortable against your feet
Sculpted corners to fit a variety of drainage hole positions
Designed to fit in most corner showers
Large design helps cover the majority of your shower
Innovative Design
The Everyday Corner Shower Mat fits corner showers to reduce the risk of slipping. Its 'basket-weave' pattern creates an effective non-slip surface so you remain safe and secure while you shower.

The mat is also held in place by numerous large suckers so it doesn't shift out of place during use. Its design also prevents the corners of the mat from lifting up so as to avoid trips.

Created to Fit Corner Showers
Made from high-quality natural rubber, the Homecraft Everyday Shower Mat is sturdy yet comfortable against your feet. The corners of the mat have been sculpted to fit a variety of drain hole positions so it can be used in most corner showers.

Dimensions of the Corner Shower Mat
As the Shower Mat is non-returnable for hygiene reasons, please make sure you measure your shower to ensure the mat will fit.

Size: 66 x 48cm (19 x 26")
Please note the Everyday Corner Shower Mat is non-returnable on the grounds of hygiene.