Homecraft Feeding Cup

Homecraft Feeding Cup


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Homecraft Feeding Cup

The Homecraft Feeding Cup is part of a range of clear, plastic cups that are designed to aid independence and be suitable for a variety of needs, making them ideal for home and care environments. The Feeding Cup is easy to grip and is available in two different models; a standard vented lid with a drinking spout, or an adjustable drinking spout that can be set vertical or clicked into an angled position.

All variations of the Feeding Cup have been created to help those with limited range of motion to maintain dignity and improve levels of nutrition and hydration.

Choice of Drinking Spouts
The Feeding Cup has been specially developed for those who experience restricted movement or have difficulty sitting upright.

A choice between two spouts are available depending on needs; the Standard cup has a fixed drinking spout and a ventilated lids, whereas the Adjustable Spout van be set vertically, or clicked into an angled position so those with limited head or neck movement do not need to reach so far.

Minimising Spillages
As well as different spout options, the opening of the drinking spout can also be selected according to the user's requirements. The small 4mm aperture is suitable for liquids such as tea, coffee or water, and the larger 8mm aperture is ideal for thickened liquids such as smoothies or soups.

Both spouts are designed to aid the flow of liquid as the user drinks, making them useful for anyone who suffers from poor lip closure, as they minimise the opportunity for drips, spillages or leaks.

Specifications of the Feeding Cup
Dishwasher safe up to 135¡C
Weight (Standard): 80g
Weight (Adjustable): 100g
Capacity: 250ml