Homecraft Freehand Dining Tray

Homecraft Freehand Dining Tray


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Homecraft Freehand Dining Tray



Homecraft Freehand Dining Tray
The innovative design of the Homecraft Freehand Dining Tray allows users to carry the tray and its contents using only one hand. This frees up the other hand to carry other objects, open doors, and provide support while climbing stairs whilst safely carrying items on the tray. The unique moulded handle is detachable for cleaning purposes, and also folds flat inside the inner rim of the tray for easy storage when not in use.

Safe and Easy to Use
The Freehand Dining Tray provides a practical solution to carrying items on a tray with one hand while still remaining well balanced. The nature of the tray ensures that the free hand can support the user as they climb stairs, open doors, or even hold other items.

It is ideal for health care workers or loved ones of ill or sedentary patients to bring items to them safely and easily.

Detachable Moulded Handle
The large moulded handle of the Freehand Tray is easy to grip, and folds neatly inside the rim for easy storage when not in use. The handle locks into place in an upright position, and ensures that hand or fingers are not trapped once the tray is set down. It can also be detached completely for cleaning purposes.

Technical Specifications
Size (LxW): 445 x 330mm (17.5" x 13")