Homecraft Male Urinal Bottle + Adaptor Set

Homecraft Male Urinal Bottle + Adaptor Set


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Homecraft Male Urinal Bottle + Adaptor Set

The Homecraft Male Urinal Bottle is a lightweight graduated male urinal. It combines efficiency and ease of use, and is ideal for using at home, in a care environment, or when travelling.

Indications of the Urinal Bottle

The Male Urinal Bottle is simple to use, and is therefore practical for a wide range of situations and environments. For individuals at home looking for a toileting aid, whether as a result of incontinence or reduced mobility, it will help to reduce the strains of being caught short unexpectedly.

In a care environment it will enable carers and medical staff to assist male patients with urination, and can also help them to retain a level of independence. Additionally, it can provide a practical approach to toileting when on the go, both for long car journeys and when camping.

Prevents Leaks

The urinal bottle has been designed to be as safe and hygienic to use as possible. The snap-on cap affixes securely to the bottle to prevent any leaks or spillages, which is essential for when transporting the bottle for emptying.

Using the snap-on cap will also reduce the presence of unpleasant odours. It will help to reduce the risk of cross infection, making use of the urinal both safer and less odourous. 

Easy to Clean

The lightweight bottle is easy to clean, with a convenient hollow handle to allow for improved cleaning results. Cleaning the bottle in between use will help to prevent the spread of infections and germs, which will be paramount in all situations in which the urinal is used.

Practical Measurements

The Male Urinal Bottle is calibrated for output recording. This will be useful in medical environments where the volume of urine produced requires monitoring.

Available Options

The Homecraft Male Urinal Bottle can be purchased on its own. A spare or replacement adaptor can be purchased separately through the drop-down link at the top of the page.

If both the urinal bottle and adaptor are required, they can be purchased as a set, also through the drop-down link at the top of the page.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 130g
  • Capacity: 1 Litre