Homecraft Medi-Dispenser Pill Organiser

Homecraft Medi-Dispenser Pill Organiser


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Homecraft Medi-Dispenser Pill Organiser



Homecraft Medi-Dispenser Pill Organiser
The Homecraft Medi-Dispenser Pill Organiser has been designed to store pills and tablets for easy separation. It can help to easily identify whether or not the day's dosage has been taken, and can help to maintain a level of independence.

Indications of the Medi-Dispenser
The Medi-Dispenser is ideal for anybody who takes pills, tablets, or other similar medication on a daily basis. As it enables pills to be sectioned off into different days of the week, it makes it easier to identify at a glance whether or not the day's daily dosage has been taken.

This will be particularly useful for anybody who struggles to recall whether or not a dosage had been taken, and will also help to provide independence to those who may require support with administering medication on a frequent basis.

Organiser Capacity
The pill organiser has the capacity for storing a week's worth of medication, with room for up to four daily doses. This means that the entire week's worth of medication can be organised in advance, which will be ideal for carers who assist with pill administration.

The plastic wallet features seven plastic containers, and each one is printed with the name of the day, and also embossed with the number corresponding with the day of the week. This makes it easy to obtain information clearly and at a glance, saving time and improving convenience.

Technical Specifications
The overall dimensions of the Homecraft Medi-Dispenser Pill Organiser are 162 x 118 x 28mm.