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Homecraft Padded Bath Cushion


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Homecraft Padded Bath Cushion


Homecraft Padded Bath Cushion
If you often lose your balance in the bath and slip further into the water, this can be a fairly scary experience. The Homecraft Padded Bath Cushion is a soft non-slip cushion designed to make bathing a safe and comfortable experience. The Padded Bath Cushion is available to buy as a seat with or without a backrest cushion.

Key Features and Benefits
Soft non-slip cushion
Designed to make bathing safe
Foam inner is fully sealed in waterproof outer
Cushion is easy to clean and disinfect
Can be cleaned with normal cleaning agents
Has suckers on the underside and the rear
Fits most bathtubs
Ideal for those who share their bathroom with others
Portable cushion design
Stays securely in place
Easy to Clean
Designed to make bathing as easy as possible, the Homecraft Padded Cushion has been made with foam padding inside for additional comfort. The inner is sealed in a waterproof layer so you can easily clean and disinfect the cushion with normal cleaning agents.

Remains Secure in the Bath
The Homecraft Bath Cushion has been made with suckers on the underside and rear of the cushions to prevent slips and to ensure the cushion remains securely in place. This helps keep you feeling safe and secure so you can relax properly.

The Bath Cushion can also be removed easily when not required. This makes it ideal for those who live with other people. Owing to their small design, the cushions can be stored away easily and should fit most bathtubs.

Dimensions of the Padded Bath Cushion
Seat size: 35.5 x 32cm (14 x 12.5")
Backrest: 32 x 32cm (12.5 x 12.5")
Thickness: 3.5cm (1.5")
Weight: 700g
Please note the Padded Bath Cushion might be supplied in white rather than blue and is non-returnable on the grounds of hygiene.