Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat

Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat


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Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat


Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat
The Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat affixes to an existing toilet seat to offer improved comfort and increased height. It includes a vinyl covering over the soft padding that is easily wiped down, helping to ensure hygiene is not compromised for comfort.

Indications of the Toilet Seat
Anybody looking to improve the comfort of their existing toilet seat will benefit from this Homecraft toilet seat. Whether this is to ease the discomfort caused by sitting in one position for any length of time, or for reducing pain in injured or hurt limbs, the cushioning padding is ideal for improving the overall toileting experience.

The seat is also available with a height of either 50mm (2) or 100mm (4). This makes it the perfect option for anybody who finds the height of their current toilet to be too low, and will also be ideal for anybody who struggles to lower to or rise from the toilet at present, with the added height making accessing the loo much easier.

Design Benefits
Aside from the enhanced comfort this toilet seat provides, it also offers quality hygiene maintenance with its vinyl covering. This makes it easy to wipe down in between use, and allows for more thorough cleaning to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

The cushion easily attaches with four hook-and-loop straps, which will hold it securely in place. This means that the improved comfort can be enjoyed time and time again with the simple yet effective design of the Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat.

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